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TeluguRummy provides the most fascinated version of the rummy to the rummy players, which is called ‘Indian Rummy’. The version is little different from the original version of rummy that known world widely.

In the subcontinent, most of the people have a misconception that playing online rummy is an illegal act (gambling) though the game is totally a skill based. So it is neither a game of luck nor gambling. Playing online rummy is legal in India apart from the two states called Assam and Odisha because of many other reasons.

Indian Rummy

Indian rummy is commonly referred as the combination of both the versions Rummy 500 and Gin rummy. The game is played using 13 cards by each player with a minimum of two decks which may or may not include jokers or wild cards.

Rules of the Game

  • Minimum two players are required to play with a maximum of six players
  • Minimum a deck of cards are required to play a two player game
  • Thirteen randomly distributed cards have to deal to the each player and
  • Arranging those 13 cards into a sequence or/and sets is the motive.

Basic Knowledge

13 card rummy or Indian rummy is played using two decks of cards, in addition, two jokers cards (normally referred as printed and wildcard) are used to play the game. Details of the cards and their ranks mentioned below:

  • Rank of the cards from high to low as follows: Ace (high), King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace (low).
  • Ace is the only card that can be used as 1 or face card based on the formation of the sets or sequences.
  • Jokers act as wildcards so that in the time of the hand they can represent any other card.
  • Joker values 0 points, and the cards from 2 to 10 values as per the value marked on the card
  • On the other hand, Ace, King, Queen and Jack values 10 points.

Objective of the Game

The main objective of the game is to form sets and sequences with the provided 13 cards for each player. For each and every turn, a player is offered to draw the top card (that faces upwards) from the opened or closed deck. In the same turn, the player has to discard a card from his hand into the open deck. The winner is the player who quickly formed sets and sequences with the 13 cards he or she had.

What is meant by Open and Closed Deck?

After distributing 13 cards to the each player on the table, the remaining cards from the deck are placed faced down in the middle of the table, this is called as a closed deck. On the other hand, open deck refers the section where rummy players discard the cards after picking up a card.

What is a Set?

A three or four identical rank cards with different suits will make a Set. For instance,

Examples of a valid Set:

  • 5(Heart), 5(Spade), 5(Club)
  • K(Club), K(Diamond), K(Heart)

Above example of a valid set holds the cards of the same rank with the different suits.

Examples of an invalid Set:

  • A(Diamond), A(Diamond), A(Heart)
  • 7(Club), 7(Heart), 7(Club), 7(Diamond)

Above example refers invalid set as it holds the same rank cards with two same suits.

What is a Sequence?

The sequence is also known as ‘Run’, which holds three or more cards with the same suit in a successive order. For instance

Examples of a valid Sequence:

  • 5(Heart), 6(Heart), 7(Heart)
  • A(Diamond), K(Diamond), Q(Diamond), J(Diamond)

Examples of an invalid Sequence:

  • K(Spade), K(Heart), K(Heart)
  • 8(Heart), 8(Diamond), 8(Spade)

Pure Sequence:

A group of three or more successive cards with the same suit, which is formed without any joker, is called as Pure Sequence.

Example: 5(Heart), 6(Heart), 7(Heart)

Impure Sequence:

A group of three or more successive cards with the same suit, which is formed with any joker, then it’s called as Impure Sequence.

Example: 3(Club), 4(Club), 9(Diamond), 5(Club)

In the above case, 9(Diamond) is used a wild joker to form a sequence.

How to deal with the bad hand

Bad hand in the game is really a nightmare for any rummy player, so unfortunately if you are encountered with the bad hand then prefer to drop the game when your first turn comes (to draw the card). Though some variants or pools allow the players for middle drops, the fine or penalty implies much more than the latter case.

AutoPlay Protection

Autoplay, the feature is really a boon for the rummy players in some peculiar situations like losing the internet connection (even a slow connection) or delay to take the next move in the game for any reason.

While playing rummy online, you would be enabled with the “AutoPlay” option when your game does not respond to our server.

Auto play is purely a chance for the players to get back into the game again instead of being eliminated because of the above-mentioned scenarios. TeluguRummy does not take any responsible for any errors or malfunctions in the scores that arise when the feature is enabled.

Now it’s time to play an uninterrupted rummy game in our portal and unlock the unlimited fun. For more information about the game, check in rummy variants section too.