Points Rummy

Points Rummy is your perfect choice to opt as it offers a single deal game. It is very quick and interesting rummy variant that allows you to play several games in the short span of a time. In this variant, players will play for points with pre-decided rupee value. The winner wins all the real chips on the declaration of a valid show. This popular rummy variant is played with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 players.

What is Points Rummy?

Q: What are the rules to play Points Rummy?

A: At TeluguRummy, Points Rummy is played with a minimum of two players and maximum of six players typically with two or more packs of 53 cards (including one printed joker per pack) each.

Players deal with points, which reflect a pre-decided rupee value.

Player needs to maintain a minimum amount to play

Each player will be distributed with 13 cards randomly.

The first card in the pack is included in the open deck that indicates that the game has started.

All the remaining cards are placed face-down that is in the closed deck.

In the beginning of each game, a joker card or wild card will be chosen.

Printed Joker: If printed joker is opted as “Joker” in the game, then players need to prefer an Ace card of all suits as joker while forming sets/sequences.

Objective: The final aim of all players is to arrange all their respective 13 cards into sequences and/or sets.

Every player begins the game by picking/discarding a card from closed/open deck to arrange them into sets and/or sequences.

Players can freely use one or more jokers for arranging them into sets and/or sequences.

While declaring a valid show, you need to place a card in the finish slot for showing your sets and sequences.

To show cards, the corresponding player must display cards available in hand by grouping them in sets/sequences and clicking on ‘Declare’ button.

Mandatory: To conclude the game, players must contain at least two sequences, one of which is a pure sequence.

Q: How the points are earned in Points Rummy?

A: Declaring the winner: The player who first arranges the cards into sets and sequences is declared as the winner and will be awarded with Zero points.

When the players drop the game during the first move itself, then they secure 10 points each and the game will run until a single winner emerges. If they drop the game after their first move, then they get 30 points each and the game leads to the emergence of a single winner.

If a player declares a wrong show, then he/she obtains 80 points and the game continues till a winner has been announced.

Point’s declaration for the player who loses:

Every card represents a number of points. The player who loses the game will gain the points which are equal to his/her hand score that is calculated as mentioned below:

J, Q, K, and A of every suit valued 10 points each. And rest of the numbered cards is valued same points as their face value for instance; card with a face value of 8 reflects 8 points.

Joker card values Zero.

After completion of every game, the losing player hand score is calculated by counting points for the cards which are not arranged in sets/sequences with the below-mentioned exceptions.

If a player lost the game and fail to show a pure sequence, then all his cards are included in the count.

If any player lost the game and fails to show second sequence, but only one pure sequence, then the only pure sequence is considered.

A player can obtain a total of 80 points. If we consider an example that is when a player’s hand score is 105, then they will still receive only 80 points. But in case if a player’s hand score is 55, he/she will obtain 55 points.

Deal Show: If a lost player who does not use his first turn before the other opponent has ensured a valid declaration, then:

The losing player will receive the points half of his/her hand score. That is for example if the hand score for the lost player is 30 points, then the player will only gain 15 points as his score.

Minimum number of points a rummy player could secure in this context is 2 (for scores 2, 3, 4, & 5).

Maximum points for a player in this context are 40 (for scores 80 or more).

Special Case: If any player who misses the three consecutive turns are dropped from the game automatically. The player considered as a middle drop and scores 30 points.

What are the Optimum points a player gets awarded?

If a player loses the game, then he/she receives up to a maximum of 80 points. Even if the player holds a higher card value or not, the points are rounded off to 80 only.

Any score that is below 80 is displayed intact.

How will the Drop function perform?

There is a Drop option provided for each player during their turn in the game

To use this feature, a player must not pick a card from open/closed deck during that specific turn.

First Drop – If a player drops the game in their very first turn, then they will secure 10 points.

Middle Drop – If a player drops the game after the first turn, then they will secure 30 points.

Special case: If a player fails to play during 3 consecutive turns, he/she has dropped automatically from the game.