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Start playing 13 cards rummy online which is a traditional game in India. Delve in to the world of rummy with wonderful features, striking bonuses, awesome promotions and more.


Rummy has been very famous card game across India since the exhaustive period of British rule. In that period, there are different communities who used to play 13 cards rummy actively both socially and within the family as well. It is specifically popular in card rooms and casinos as well throughout India where, in specific jurisdictions.

It is widely known that Indian Rummy has been derived from the United States as it is played like a cross between Gin Rummy and Rummy 500. Perhaps, it is similar to Rummy 500 in which 13 cards are dealt in total, one or two decks are used, two or more players play and usually jokers (wild cards) are also used. Eventually, in the overall simplicity of turn by turn play, it is much like Gin Rummy, which is its nearest relative. If you are well acquainted with Gin Rummy already, then you are very likely to enjoy Indian Rummy as well. There are rules and tips available online charted out of real life card playing situation but they are equally applicable to the latest version which can be played right here at

Win big! Playing rummy involves card pick and discard. It is played between 2 to 6 players. Either 1 or 2 decks of cards are used for playing rummy. Each deck of rummy cards contains 52 cards in 4 different suits with an additional card as a Printed Joker. On TeluguRummy, games are played using two decks of cards.


Rummy game play at TeluguRummy begins after a toss. An auto-distribution of cards is done to players in the game to decide seating order. And the player who gets the highest value card makes the first move.

Primarily, each player needs to draw a card from a closed deck or an open deck in every turn. When the card is picked, total card count goes up to 14. And player needs to use the new one in making a set or sequence.

A card, which is not useful in making a sequence or set, must be discarded to the open deck to retain 13 cards at hand. The game proceeds this way until any of the players playing the game declares show.

The game may be finished only after forming at least 2 sequences of which one must be a pure sequence (without joker, but sometimes wild joker is used as a normal card in forming a sequence if the wild card fits in the sequence) and other cards may be arranged in either pure or impure sequences and sets.


If any rummy player forms perfect sequences and sets with 13 cards, then they must choose the 14th card as a Finish card and declare the show. Do not discard the 14th card in open deck while declaring show.

After declaration, player needs to show sequences and sets to opponent for validation. The winner’s score will be displayed as “0”. The loser(s) will get sum of unmatched card points as their score.

If two players are playing rummy and one player declares wrong show, in such a case opponent player wins that round. If more than two players are playing and one player declares wrong show, then that player will be eliminated from the round with 80 score and the round continues till it completes.