Add Chips

Add Chips

Don’t let your lower chip count bring you out of the game. TeluguRummy “Add Chips” feature allow rummy players to instantly add chips if you are short of minimum required number of chips to play a game. This is an awesome feature that gives players another opportunity to continue the game without disappointment.


  • Initially, certain amount of chips will be added to every player’s rummy account per single instance.
  • Players need to ensure that the chips allocated in their account need to be less than or equal to the chips initially allocated to them.
  • If any player wants to use Add chips feature, then a request should be generated initially for successful functioning of this feature.
  • The requested chips are not added during the game, but at the end of the current game in progress.
  • If any player attempts to utilize this feature even if they have more than the starting chips, then an error message “Too many chips” will be displayed. If they are falling short of the chips required, then the remaining chips are added.


  • Each player is eligible to ‘Add Chips’ for certain number of times, which is configurable.
  • If you place a request to add chips, then it will be confined to that particular tournament itself.
  • The chips will be added to the player’s account even while moving from the present level to the next level or during the same level.