Middle Join

Middle Join – An Opportunity to join the game in Middle

Are you new to TeluguRummy? Eager to join a rummy game that is already in progress? TeluguRummy provide you an amazing opportunity with New Feature ‘Middle Join’ that lets you to occupy the seat and play your favorite rummy game at any stage.

Norms for Middle Join Feature

  • This feature is available only in Pool Rummy (101,201)
  • Only New Player is eligible to use the Middle Join feature, but not for the players who have already participated/played in that particular table.
  • A player to join in middle need to have enough balance that is equal or higher than the current bet amount of the table you wish to join.
  • The highest score among the Rummy players who are not eliminated from the game needs to be less than or equal to 79 points in a 101 pool game and 174 points in a 201 pool game.
  • If you are a New Player, then you can use Middle join feature before the next deal starts, satisfying the above prerequisites.
  • If you want to join in the middle of the game, then your starting score will be 1 point above the highest score among the players who are not eliminated from the game.
  • Player will be allowed to join in an existing game only after the required bet amount is deducted from the player’s wallet.